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Stay at one, play at four! Four times the fun and amenities! Free ground transportation is provided between our Cancun hotels.
Please note that an additional cost applies for the following services:

Ya’ax Ché Spa

Ya’ax Ché Spa means ceiba, which is the “tree of life” in the Mayan culture. Ya’ax Ché Spa’s philosophy is based in the Mayan belief that we are all connected to everything around us; the universe, other human beings and nature. Our bodies reflect pain when the balance among these elements is broken. The rituals at our
spa are designed to bring back that balance of mind, body, and spirit. Refresh your mind, rejuvenate your body, and cleanse your soul at Ya’ax Ché Spa.

You will find Ya’ax Ché Spa in all of our resorts.


campanita Ya’ax Ché Spa Menu

Little prince and princess menu (1 PERSON)Treatment:
Mini Manicure: Tutty fruity/Neopolitan (25 min.)
Hair Shampoo with scalp massage (30 min.)
(Available only at Ocean Spa Hotel, Hacienda Tres Rios and Laguna Suites and Golf Club)

Anniversary You & Me Package (2 PEOPLE)

Couple massages. (Medium Pressure) (30 min)
Basic manicure or pedicure (40 min)

Romantic Getaway (2 PEOPLE)

Deep Tissue Massages (50 min)
Basic manicure or pedicure (25 min)

Single and Fabulous (1 PERSON)

Option 1: Moisturizing Facial (50 min)
Basic manicure or pedicure (25 min)
Option 2: Relaxing Massage (50 min)
Basic Manicure or pedicure (25 min)

Perfect Skin (1 PERSON)

Chocolate peel (25 min)
Basic Manicure or pedicure (25 min)

Pre-Sun Pack (1 PERSON)

Moisturizing treatment for hair or Shampoo with scalp massage (30 min)
Exfoliation and Moisturizing treatment (Peppermint, angel or flower foam) (25 min)

Summer Package (2 PEOPLE)

Relaxing massage with your choice of oils (Peppermint, angel or champagne foam) (30 min)
Hydrating Express Facial (25 min)

Special Couple Massages (2 PEOPLE)

Massage with hot stones and your choice of oils (Peppermint, angel, mango or pineapple foam) (50 min)

Ready for the Beach Pack (2 PEOPLE)

Chocolate, Mango or Pineapple Exfoliation and Moisturizing (25 min)

Detox and Relaxation Package (1 PAX)

Body Detoxifying Anti-Cellulite and Affirming wrap (50 min)
Lymphatic or Swedish massage (50 min)

Sunset Admiral Yacht Club & Marina

Make your dreams come true at Sunset Admiral Yacht Club & Marina, where you can enjoy private cruises and a variety of yacht tours, from island hopping and shared fishing trips to snorkeling and swimming with whale sharks. Options consist of both day trips and extended journeys that include a crew on board for serving meals and drinks with that one of a kind warm Mexican hospitality. Other activities offered include wakeboarding, the flyboard, scuba diving and wave runners.


This innovative Sunset World project is located 15 miles west of downtown Cancun. Here the hands of experts work with dedication to harvest organic flowers, fruits, and vegetables, using alternative energy provided by solar panels and wind turbines. Ethos is a Greek word meaning “starting point”, in other words, a chance to go back to the beginning. Ethos Farm in the Jungle annually produces several tons of lemon, papaya, tomato, pumpkin, cucumber and different types of exotic flowers, supplying our 6 hotels in Cancun and the Riviera Maya with the freshest of organic products. Ethos is also home to a bee farm which produces honey that is used to produce hair and skin care products which are sold in our spas and available in our guest rooms as amenities. Ethos Farm in the Jungle supports the local economy and guarantees fresh healthy goods that no other hotel group can offer.

Hacienda Andalucía

Hacienda Andalucía Equestrian Club is the only center of its kind in Cancun and in the Mexican Caribbean, offering extraordinary cultural equestrian experiences for all ages.

Yucatan Holidays

Yucatan Holidays is a visionary company committed to providing inspiring and sustainable travel experiences throughout the Yucatan Peninsula. Yucatan Holidays provides unique vacation options and experiences to travelers; from all inclusive vacation packages to tours and activities.

Tours & Excursions

Chichen Itza

Recently chosen as one of the New Seven Wonders of the World, Chichen-Itzá has become one the most important tourist attractions in Mexico. This magical city was built by the ancient Mayan civilization. “Chi” means mouth, “chen” means well (as in water well) and finally “Itzá” is the name of the local tribe that lived in the area. Chichen-Itzá’s main attraction is the enormous Kukulkan pyramid. Twice a year (on the two equinoxes) a shadow in the shape of a snake makes its way down the pyramid’s 365 steps.

Adult rate: $59.00 Minor rate (5-10yrs): $48.00 4 and under free


  • Round trip transportation in an air-conditioned vehicle
  • Certified bilingual guide (English & Spanish) for every 25 people
  • 30 minute visit to a handicraft shop
  • Tolls
  • Chichen-Itzá entrance fee
  • Buffet lunch at Chilam Balam restaurant
  • Taxes and insurances


Xcaret means “small inlet” in Maya. This archaeological eco-park is bursting with Mexican and Mayan culture, tropical flora and fauna, archaeological tours, water activities and a spectacular night show. Xcaret is located in Playa del Carmen, just 45 minutes from Cancun in the heart of the Riviera Maya. Just a few of the things you’ll experience in Xcaret include: an underground river, an indoor/outdoor aquarium, a butterfly pavilion, a Mayan village, performances, local wildlife and more.

Adult rate: $119.00 Minor rate (3 to 4.5ft): $81.00 Under 3ft free


  • Round trip transportation in an air-conditioned vehicle
  • Bilingual Tour Guide
  • Admission to Xcaret
  • Countless activities: underground river, beach, aquarium, , butterfly pavilion, equestrian show, monkeys and jaguars, etc.
  • Entrance to the night show “Xcaret México Espectacular”

Xcaret Plus

Adult rate: $145.00 Minor rate (3 to 4.5ft): $106.00 Under 3ft free


  • Round trip Transportation in an air-conditioned vehicle
  • Bilingual Tour Guide
  • Admission to Xcaret
  • One buffet meal with unlimited non-alcoholic drinks and one beer
  • Snorkel equipment*, towel and locker rental in the exclusive “plus area”
  • Countless activities: underground river, beach, aquarium, , butterfly pavilion, equestrian show, monkeys and jaguars, etc.
    10% off additional activities
  • Entrance to the night show “Xcaret México Espectacular”

*Deposit required


Xel-Ha has been destined to be heaven on earth since its creation. Xel-Ha, which means “the place where the waters are born”, is a tropical paradise. Swim and snorkel in the largest natural aquarium on earth and see fish and other marine life, jump off a cliff or zip line into refreshing cenotes (natural freshwater sinkholes), dine on delicious food, drift down the lazy river and see local flora and fauna.

Adult rate: $109.00 Minor rate (3 to 4.5ft): $78.00 Under 3ft free


  • Round trip transportation in an air-conditioned vehicle
  • Bilingual tour guide
  • Admission to Xel-Ha
  • Snorkel gear*, life vests, inner tubes, towels and dressing rooms
  • A delicious buffet and unlimited beverages

*$20 usd deposit will be required

Dolphin Encounter

The Dolphin Encounter is an ideal activity for couples or families visiting Cancun. You and your loved ones will enjoy safe, fun activities that Dolphin Discovery on Isla Mujeres (Island of Women) has designed for all ages. Friendly dolphins will offer participants a handshake, a kiss, and a hug. Dolphins are known for their playful nature and are excited to share their tricks, games and even singing with visitors. Participants will have the opportunity to pet and swim with the dolphins as well. Afterwards, enjoy the beach club.

Adult rate: $79.00
Infants: $35.00 1-3 yrs.
Kids 4 and up $79.00
*A $15.00 USD fee will be required for all kids ages 3, 4 & 5, paid with Dolphin Discovery. I don’t know if this is still valid now that they charge for kids… I have asked but not gotten a reply yet… I will let you know

  • 15 minute briefing and 40 minutes in the water with the dolphins
  • Dolphin hugs, kisses, ball game, handshake, interactive games and free time with dolphins
  • Food & non-alcoholic beverages, beach club, lockers, showers, swimming pool, lounge chairs